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    Social dinner inside Sequoia Sake Brewery

  • Omakase Menu

    Japanese Popcorn

    Chili, nori, sesame, bonito


    Hummus, roasted peppers, fresh baked sesame focaccia


    Chilled soba, broccolini, wholegrain mustard ponzu, Fuji apple, chili fried garlic

    Sashimi Trio

    Ceviche, Tataki, Kombujime

    Bluefin Tuna

    Soy roasted beet, charred leek, red mustard green

    Smoked Steelhead

    Shiso pickled onion, ginger, wasabi, pea shoots

    Mushroom Dashi

    Chrysanthemum, pine nut, citrus zest, green onion

    Black Cod

    Sake kasu, ginger jam, blueberry, takuan

    Miso Cheesecake

    Japanese Yam, candied orange, salted sesame caramel


    Menu finalized day of event please reach out about dietary restrictions prior to booking


  • Seafood Shabu Shabu

    Oyster & Uni

    A little starter of oyster and uni with wasabi


    An assortment of everything seafood available. You can expect to see some of the following:

    Black cod, Rockfish, Sturgeon, Sea Bream, Salmon, Prawns, Squid, Scallops, Mussels, and Clams


    A walk through the farmer's market to accompany the seafood.

    Shiitake, shimeji, eringi, wood ear, enoki, chanterelle, pea leaves, mustard greens,

    chrysanthemum, spinach, cabbage, daikon, egg, tofu, udon, rice


    Creamy sesame, Ponzu, Fried garlic chili


    Seasonal Japanese inspired sweet finish


    Menu finalized day of event please reach out about dietary restrictions prior to booking



    Dungeness crab is an iconic highlight of our local Bay Area fishery. 

    This dinner will be a celebration of this flavorful bounty in a multi-course Japanese tasting menu.

    Japanese Popcorn

    Chili, nori, sesame, bonito


    Citrus hummus, charred ginger eggplant, fresh baked focaccia

    Crab Somen

    Ponzu dressing, inari, cucumber, scallion

    Crab & Uni Chawanmushi

    Uni steamed egg custard, mitsuba, myoga, mushroom, roe

    Crab Okonomiyaki

    Cabbage, kewpie, okonomi sauce, aonori, pickled ginger, bonito

    1/2 Dungeness Crab

    Dashi poached half crab, buerre monte, nori sambal, lemon, cilantro


    Seasonal Japanese sweet


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    Sequoia Sake is all about creating fresh, live and accessible sake. We believe the best way to experience sake is to drink it close to the source. That’s why we brew in the heart of San Francisco. It is our belief that the tastiest sake is the freshest sake and just like food, the fresher the better.

  • What eaters are saying...

    "Excellent meal! The menu was well balanced, the portions were generous, and the flavors were amazing. The preparation required on our end ensured it was as fresh as possible, making this meal superior to any delivery and also anything I could have prepared for myself. It felt like a restaurant experience, truly a missing experience at this time. I will definitely order again."
    Amy K.
    "The flavors of every dish were so incredible. We kept trying to guess what they were! The instructions are very well laid out and easy to follow. We chose to prepare and eat each course one after the other (with sake) which was very manageable, relaxing and fun. This is such a great idea for something different. Thank you!"
    Jennifer W.
    "What a great treat for Saturday night! My husband and I had the cod in the banana leaves. Plenty of food but it was so good there was nothing left! Best take-out I've ever had :)"
    Morgan S.
    "I'm absolutely astounded by how different - and yet just as incredible - this meal was to the others I've had at Ichido before. I already knew that Geoff's food was excellent, and it's such a thrill to know that it's versatile as well! This meal was bursting with zesty, bright flavor and gorgeous aromas, and after a hard, sad week we got to feel refined, indulged, and satisfied. Thank you so much for doing this, and again, please please please keep it up, I cannot wait to see what's next!"
    Carin P.

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    Please make request at least 7 days in advance, minimum starting at $1500.

  • Background

    Geoffrey Reed owes much of his culinary awareness to the ocean and mountains that surrounded him as a native of McKinleyville, California. It began early on in his parent’s garden, fishing in the creek behind the house and having full reign to play in the kitchen. Geoff got his first taste of the culinary life at 12, helping with chocolate dipped strawberries and washing dishes on Valentine’s Day at a restaurant where his older brother worked. That adventure turned into a career of working his way through every position in the kitchen. Following Le Cordon Bleu training he worked with several Food & Wine top 10 best chefs and James Beard Award winners. The dive into Japanese cuisine began with Nobuo Fukuda at SeaSaw who he studied under for 10 years. Moving to San Francisco to help open a friend’s Scandinavian restaurant they were able to get on the Top 100 the first year. Realizing the inquisitive nature of those in the Bay Area he started FishinKitchen to foster that curiosity. Curating excursions to share his lifelong passion for fishing, foraging, cooking, and even fish prints of the catch. This all led to the creation of Ichido and the ever changing series of omakase pop-ups showcasing the bounty of the Bay Area with influences from 30 years of culinary training and travels.
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    Venue may vary location based upon date of event.
    Online reservations only, no walk-ins permitted.

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